I’m a social impact-driven data scientist who is passionate about improving business and policy decisions with machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics. Interested? View my portfolio, resume, or LinkedIn.

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Modeling economic impacts of pollution

Modeling 150 million geolocated credit card transactions to identify a novel multibillion-dollar economic impact of air pollution

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Automating policy analysis

R package that automates policy analysis and identifies policy misalignment with neural embeddings

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Multi-task text classification

Deep learning framework for jointly learning extractive summarization and multi-label text classification

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Network analysis in ArcPython

Identifies regions underserving target demographics with road network analysis

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Predictive machine learning

Neural networks, clustering, SVM, GBM, and ridge regression to predict energy generation.

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Data visualization

Interactive and static data visualization in R, Python, ArcMap, and JavaScript

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Demographic identifier

Computer vision and natural language processing to identify demographic differences in topic engagement

Interactive web mapping

An open data web portal that monitors inclusivity and equity at a neighborhood scale in 30 global cities

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Time series kernal smoothing

R package for calculating and visualizing time series multivariate kernal smoothing

View my portfolio, resume, or LinkedIn.